10 years

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Tomorrow,  I will have been married for 10 years. Amazing.

Before we celebrated our first year, I almost lost my life and we did lose our first child. My first born almost lost his life after what was suppose to be a minor surgery, he was 10 days old.  Then again when he was three, he had an extremely close call with a bus. My second son was hospitalized for days at one month old for a breathing problem. Just a little over a year ago, we experienced the shock adding a new baby to the family. There have been ups and downs, family discourse, and most regular things families go through and maybe some not all do, but here we are. I know now why a Diamond represents marriage. Something under hard pressure becoming something so strong and beautiful.

I have learned that forgiveness and saying sorry, compromise and supporting each other fully make things work that and love. Love above all.

People call me super mom and ask me how do I do it? How am I a stay at home mom, teacher and artist with four children. It’s him, my husband is how I do it. I am by no means a super mom, I just have someone who supports me and helps me and that is the ONLY way I can do it.

There are people in the background of our lives as well. We hand wrote 10 Thank You letters to our top 1o. There are people who made these last years possible as well, and they should be thanked on this day.


We originally had been planning our first sans kid trip, but we hadn’t seen baby #4 coming. Since he has yet to celebrate his first birthday, we decided to wait until next year. Eleven happens to be our favorite number, both born on the 11th, married the 11th and our first born came in the 11th month.

Feeling extra blessed to have made it this far with four little babes and a person who supports and loves me, and I him.


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happy anniversary. this was a beautiful post kellie.

by Becky on March 27, 2013 at 1:50 pm. Reply #