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Happy New Year!! 2012 was great, I added a new addition to our little brood, I have watched my children grow and develop and amaze me everyday. I don’t make resolutions, I set goals. 2013 will bring a completion to one of my goals, it fills me with excitement and anxiety at the same time. I can’t wait for the year to unfold.

I have found a lot of what and who matters and what doesn’t and how to manage it and avoid it. What to put my efforts into and what not to.  That has been a big journey for me, I like to do lots of things. I also say yes when I should not, and with 4 little ones, I have found I only want to say yes if it’s best for me and my family. I also found this article as a big eye opener. 2013 could very well be my year of privacy and no’s because just around the bend, will be a new and refreshing journey. I want to enjoy my little ones as much as I can , because #2 will start school this fall. And hey, we all survived the end of the world. (he he)

Thank you 2012 for maturing me in ways I never sought. HELLO 2013, we started out so pleasant together, I think we will be good friends.