Advent: Last week

December 19, 2011 | Commentbe the first to comment, you know you want to! |

With only a few days to go, only a few remain on out list:

Day 19: Christmas Sleep over
Day 20: Christmas lights

We have gone here every year for the past few years, as its really just down the street. I am SO excited that my littlest will be able to walk around, as last year he was just in a baby carriers. Time flies. You can see some of our past photos at this end of this post.

Day 21: Give out sleeping bags

This was my sons favorite from last year. He really has a big heart, so when he gives a cold person with no home a sleeping bag, he walks away feeling happy.

Day: 22: Christmas movie night

This, this and this are on our agenda. We made a snowflake fort.

Day 23: Dad’s Day

Dad’s off, so he gets to pick what we will do for the whole day.

Day 24: Christmas with the family as we prepare for Baby Jesus Birthday

Spending time together making stuff……

And having our gingerbread man pancakes.

Day 25: We present the gifts at Church as a family

Eating LOTS of these.

We are a blessed little family.