Advent: Week 2

December 12, 2011 | Comment2 comments - join the party! |

Day 5: Put up Nativity Set together with storytelling

Day 6: Make hot coco with sprinkles and marshmallows

Day 7: Pictures with Santa

You can see those here, the one below is a little chat with Mrs. C before pitcure time.

Day 8: Make Cookie Houses

We love to make cookies, and we aren’t into gingerbread cookies, so we make cookie houses (sugar cookie).

Making the dough is a little hectic because everyone wants to be involved.

Luckliy littlest went down for a nap while the dough chilled. Then these two handsome faces got to help me make all the shapes.

After years of experince, I have found that this simple shape works best for little ones. The frosting was perfect, pretty much the only time want to over whip while baking.

Look how happy this guy is!!

And the littlest just couldn’t wait to get his hands on the cookie houses.

Day 9: Donate to World Vision

This one was a little more expensive than I had planned, both littles wanted to give something different and both had good reasons why. Good thing its for such a good cause.

Day 10: The Nutcracker

These are from this year and this is last years and the year before here

It was Mr. Chubs first time, and the wonder and aww on his face was SO worth it.

After we had pizza and pasta

and a little dessert

Christmas time is such great family time.


2 comments - join the party!

The cookie houses came out soo adorable! Looks like a wonderful time. You're creating such loving memories for your kids 🙂

by Fallon on December 12, 2011 at 5:50 am. Reply #

cute! We still haven't done our gingerbread house yet, next week! My big girl loves the Nutcracker, she even asked Santa for one this year.

by Becky on December 17, 2011 at 8:34 pm. Reply #