And the winner is……………

October 2, 2009 | Commentbe the first to comment, you know you want to! |

Happy Friday.!!! The day is here. I wanted to say thank you for those that participated. I do hope you come back. At the beginning of November I will have a Christmas theme giveaway. I have already been collecting goodies.

Am I trying to bribe you into reading my blog? Maybe, but I promise to be a good blogger. I asked who your favorite blogs were to see what people were interested in, and hopefully I can stay equally as fresh.

Here is a small list of the blogs you mentioned. Many are on my blog roll already, and I will be adding some new ones when I get the chance.

Topping the list was

and the others

New ones to love

The winners for my giveaway are………

Julie, Blue Moss, and Becky…and one random extra to Grace Wong. I will be contacting you by email.

Come back the first of November for my Christmas giveaway.

If you have some time…Here is a giveaway list…enjoy the weekend, maybe win something !

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