Apple of my eye

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Sometimes, a person inspires you for years. Sometimes someone is as beautiful as the sounds that come out of her mouth. Anytime I put on Fiona Appleā€™s music, I am inspired, often moved. I wait patently for her albums to come out. This time I have been waiting a while.

Today’s inspiration comes from one of my favorite songs, I can totally relate to.


2 comments - join the party!

Aww, I love Fiona! I just found your blog via a Craft Gossip link to your iron on patches. They're fantastic! I would love to link to them if you didn't mind!

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Oh Fiona lay your weary voice down so I can get angry and cry and be happy and lust and cry some more. Love her, thanks for the video. I'm going through a rough male patch currently and have only focused on "Get Gone" off When The Pawn…. so it was nice to hear something different.

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