Blogs that Inspire

September 16, 2009 | Commentbe the first to comment, you know you want to! |

above work by Yayoi Kusama

There are many blogs that inspire me but I will name my top favorites.

Print A Day– Yasmine has non stop inspiration coming from her site. I visit often and have been since I first laid eyes on her blog. She is extremely talented and offers free designs from her site. She has also started Parasol Magazine, which I am totally into. You should give it a look, you will be hooked as well.

Looby Lu
– Claire Robertson needs her own genre. I cant get enough of her lovely finds. She is one crafty woman , from Illustrations to softies. I hope to one day get my hands on one of hers.

Nie Nie Dialouges– Oh Nie Nie, how can you not love some Nie. Stephanie Neilson has been blogging about her life as a stay at home mother of four, vegetarian cooking, love for shoes (among other things) and her much adored husband for a few years. Last summer she survived a fatal plane crash, she has been gracious enough to share her recovery in a very truthful and beautiful way. She inspired me on my worst of days.