Bruce Lee can fly

October 6, 2009 | Commentone comment - get your say in! |

I decided my two panel dolls needed an up grade to first class when they head out to the little girls who will enjoy them. I had bought this fabric thinking it would make a great apron, but now its going to be drawstring bags for my dolls.

Can you guess what these are? I picked them up today. You have to love Granville Island for all the great finds. When an island is loaded with artist, its bound to bring up some fun stuff. If you can’t guess, you can find out later in the week.

p.s. I saw The Small Objects items in Paper Ya.

It’s cold here, for me, pretty cold, I’m blogging in a jacket. Why no heat? While I am from a warm sunny place, my kids were born Canadian, the don’t get cold like I do. With the cold, I am thinking of clothes, and this is on my wish list. Not really in my budget, but very nice none the less. I love the cut of it, very flattering. Do you like it? You can find it here.

Meet Bruce Lee!!! He doesn’t belong to us, he belongs to my beautiful nephew in Texas. I just thought I would throw it in the blog today because I thought it was pretty awesome that my 7 year old nephew would name his parakeet Bruce Lee.


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When I was younger I had a hamster called Rambo… she was renamed Rambolina when she had a zillion babies! 😀 Your nephew has great taste!

by Carmen on October 7, 2009 at 10:27 am. Reply #