Disneyland 2011

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On our drive to Texas, our first stop was Disneyland.

We had a wonderful time, and I knew that I was meant to be the mother of boys. We didn’t have to make any princess stops. ha ha I am not anti princess, but I you could say I am more of an adventure girl, than a princess.

We looked online the night before so we could map out where we wanted to go. The first stop was over to Critter Country right to the The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

I found it hard to snap photos while on the ride, perhaps I needed a flash, but as I am not fond of flash photography, I didn’t bring one along. Anyone else had this problem?

We had been watching Dumbo over the summer. My children respond very well to the classic Disney’s movies.

We were super excited about this one

We also saw the Casey Junior Train

Teacups…a must

Isn’t my boy just handsome? I could kiss that face all day long.

I even managed to snap a picture of me on a ride with the kids on the Carousel

My favorite was the Storybook ride

Littlest was asleep when we got in the line but woke up as we headed off

The White Rabbit’s Hole

The Seven Dwarfs home

We loved Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

and as soon as we got off the It’s Small World Ride, the kids wanted right back on

The above represents the Philippines

The oldest was super excited about Lilo and Stitch , as he loves Stitch

The first night we had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe, great food and fun times for the kids

and a trip to Lego Land Shop

We love Disneyland


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It looks like heaven on earth!! Your boys are so adorable and cute!!

by Christy on September 5, 2011 at 2:28 am. Reply #

Aw, love your pics of Disney Land. We have been to Disney World in Orlando. It was a great time for sure. I like the photo of the whale with his mouth in the water…that's not at D. World. By the way, I know what you mean about being a mom to only boys. I feel the same way. When I married my husband, before we had children, I always said I wanted 3 boys. I have 2 boys, and don't plan on having any more though. But…really, I could have 6 boys and be happy! Why, I don't know? It's just something I feel. Anyhow…your boys are adorable!!

by Bonnie on September 6, 2011 at 7:28 pm. Reply #