DIY waterless snowglobe for kids

December 17, 2012 | Commentbe the first to comment, you know you want to! |


We are makers, and so we needed some holiday fun.

I love snowglobes, bell jars and so forth and I wanted to make some with my littles. I also wanted to include things they love, and what do my boys love……superheros, Lego’s and woodland animals.

What you need:

hot glue gun

plastic shot glasses

cardstock paper




!. Choose some tiny treasures and make sure they are the right size for your cup. We chose surprise bags with superheros inside. We had other little treasures we found around our house, like Lego’s, and tiny plastic animals, and I had a mini Lalaloopsy. One of the best parts of this project is it doesn’t include a lot of cost.


2. Cut circles slightly bigger than the bottom of your cup. I used a cap from a baby bottle, you might have to so some searching in your cupboard. I then traced the cap with a pencil and cut out the circles.


3. Hot glue your treasure to the middle of the circle. Once it’s dry, glue the circumference of the bottom of the cup. Go around twisting the cup as you go, this will keep it neat and no glue strings to get rid of.

4. Once the glue is set, glue the outside of the cup and add glitter. I glued mine in short sections to make sure the glitter would stick to the glue. I did ALL the gluing, the kids got to shake the glitter on so they get to be involved in the process too. Simplicity is often times the best for projects with kids..

We had a blast and got a little carried away. Funny because this project requires two things I am not really a fan of, hotglue and glitter, but it was fun and I love how they turned out. I did not attempt loose snow because I am sure it will stick to the inside of the plastic cup. We might make one and glue some snow to the bottom. The possibilities are endless fun.


We hope to go out later to get some more Lego men. I will be adding a ribbon on top so we can hang some from the tree.


The one above is my personal favorite. You can see more here.

Happy Holidays….Y’all.