For my sweet prince

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A little handmade gift for my middle guy. He loves castles, so he asked Santa for a castle with a king, a princess, a knight and a dragon. Santa got him a castle dinner set, that he loves.


I would have really liked to get him this, and my husband found this. Both are pretty big, and the price is pretty big too. I wasn’t sure how long he would be into castles to make such an investment. So, I  made him a castle and painted his little people, except for one. You can see the style difference. My husband designed and painted the knight. ( with a little force…hey I can’t do it all sometimes) Not quite what I had in mind, but stylish.

I had seen a tutorial years ago for this little red barn made of felt that colapses and folds up for storage. I couldn’t find it , so I just made up things as I went. It’s close but still has a few more tweeks to be made.


It was one of the most fun things I had just made from my head on a whim in a while.

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i have to add your new website to my blogfeed…i hadn’t seen these posts yet!

what ad adorable puppet set! really cute. have you had your kids help paint any yet? i’ve given some to my girls to work on. keeps them busy…

by bybido on January 5, 2012 at 1:49 pm. Reply #