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I lost a day, wow. so sorry, we are quite busy around here. We have a wedding on Friday and my big guys birthday on Halloween. ( It’s really early Nov) but he chose a Halloween theme.

Special stuff around my house today is………….. POP UP BOOKS!!! I love books, kid books mostly. These are a few Pop Ups I rounded up for today’s post.

Pop up books have amazing art, not to mention that AWEEEE inspiring effect for the little ones when you open the pages and they come right out at you.

My favorite so far is The Castaway Pirates of course, its a Chronicle Books, as almost all my most loved books are. I use this one at school in my art classes. I use it and talk about illustrations and then we use bold water colors to recreate the waves and ships.

A few fairy tales are always good Alice in Wonderland with art work by Jotto Seilbold. I have a few book that Jotto Seilbold has Illustrated.

The True Story of Little red riding hood. There are always two sides to a story, isn’t there. I think of Little Red riding hood as “frienamie” in this book. A little term I have picked up while living in Vancouver. hehe (but not a practice)

Pixie Hollow Pop up book. Just beautiful, the big tree at the end is a great ending along with fennel soup, mushroom turnover, and Neverberry upside down cake.

This was my sons first, Dinosaurs, very educational and , a real wow book for boys. This one has been passed around the school I teach at many times. Its worn but still fun.

Last but not least, The Chronicles of Narnia. My son was way too young at the time we bought it, so I use to let him make up all the story’s with the pictures. We still do that from time to time. That kid has an imagination!!!

I also have these, but they are packed away and brought out for Christmas. Robert Sabuda is the reason I began loving pop up books.


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I love pop-up-books too! I never knew there was a Chronicles of Narnia pop-up book. Now that I know, I'll have to be on the look out for it.


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