Happy Father Day!

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My father passed away from lung cancer when I was just 7 years old. We acknowledge my fathers birthday, it use to sadly loom around us, but as a child I never knew a fathers day.

My kids have a great father, my husband, he is the best. He is FUN, and funny (which aren’t the same), he has dashing good looks, which is probably why he is so very charming. He makes me smile ALMOST everyday, he makes our kids smile several times a day. Our home is filled with made up songs, tickles, hugs, kisses, super hero’s, and lots of energy. He teaches our kids patience, and hard work,and that no dream is too big, and he is an affectionate father, something most children ,especially boys, don’t always receive from their father.

My goal is to keep my husband healthy, so that my kids can celebrate many, many fathers days, and my husband will experience them becoming fathers. So, its all fitting that for fathers day, we got him bike.

He is also a great provider, he currently works from home, but that might soon be changing. Dad, we will miss you being home with us more than you know.


one comment - get your say in!

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