Happy Thanksgiving

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(note: image is from Martha)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. While I am sure you have been planning and preparing for weeks now, I want to share first what i am thankful for, second, some of my FAVORITE recipes.

Thankful for

My husband and beautiful loving kids
My Mom and sisters
My teaching abilities
My creative mind
My shop
For sour cream and chives
The calm and happiness I am feeling as the holidays arrive.

I hope the same for all of you

My few of my Holiday favorites

Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

I still get requests for this one, Mushroom and bacon dip

Perhaps its my southern roots, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are not complete without the sweet goodness of Baked Yams with Marshmallow topping.

The turkey, well, its deep fried for me. That’s right, if you haven’t had it, my friend , you are missing out. I don’t have the recipe my family uses on hand, it doesn’t really take much, as you cant go wrong. I suggest buying a turkey deep fryer, the sale them all over now. I found this little recipe here.

Pan De Sal, is the perfect companion for any holiday meal. My mother is laws melt in your mouth recipe is top secret, but you can find one here.

Enjoy youre Thanksgiving goodness.


2 comments - join the party!

Pandesal & icecream!!! The true ice cream sandwich!!! Yum yum drool!!!

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