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I had an extraordinary opportunity to combine two things I love. I had a chance to work with a wonderful book author who’s books you might recognize.


I got to create a doll for  Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s new book Plant a Kiss. The images below were sent to me by Amy , seen with her are Illustrator Peter H. Reynolds  and Little Miss made by me.


It was such an honouring experience for me. We received a bunch of books from Amy, which included Plant a Kiss.

She even signed them, and I had only told her my children’s names, and she left really sweet messages to them. They were so excited and we treasure the books.



one comment - get your say in!

Hi Kellie,

Congratulations! What a huge honour! Your doll totally looks like Little Miss! I actually bought “Plant a Kiss” after reading your recommendation in a previous post. Our family simply adores the book, especially my husband! It’s his favourite book in our daughter’s growing little library.

I know you are extremely busy, especially with your growing family but I was wondering if you could recommened a children’s book every month?!? It would be greatly appreciated!

Congratulations again!

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