Hi Ho the Dario a camping we will go

July 6, 2009 | Commentbe the first to comment, you know you want to! |

We had a really awesome time camping over this past weekend. This is my oldests second time, and my little guys first. My kids are great trip takers (they sleep) and happy campers. We had lots of fun exploring around, seeing the sites, enjoying the ocean, and all the treasures nature has in store. Below are some photos from the trip and a little look at my creative camping space.

I am working on a new doll, that’s her face on the loop, a crown, (the sketch you see), and that book is Beautiful Doodles by Nellie Ryan. Yes, it’s mine, it keeps me sketching all the time and I love it, such beautiful Illustrations. I have also included a free pattern in this post, so you can make your own take along needle book.