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This week, I found this blog. It’s very exciting to find another Christian blogger in Vancouver.
She works with youth, and if you see the book on the sidebar, it’s the youth version of a book my Mom just gave to me and I have just started it.

These are yummy recipes I haven’t tried but sure want to.

Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip Cookies form Little Wickies


La La Lemon cookies from Sandy Ala Mode


This post from Nie Nie really have me reminiscing. I had just laid in bed a few days before watching my babies sleep. I do this most every night and say a little prayer for each after they have reached the Land of Nod. I also whisper in their ears how good they are and how much I love them. You can learn in your sleep, subliminal messages of sorts.

I was thinking of the simple days when it was just me and my oldest. Life was very simple and less busy. Now our home is bigger, louder and a lot busier, but it has a whole lot of love as well. I cannot imagine how my son would have been as an only child. God really blessed us by giving him loving little brothers that just adore him.


one comment - get your say in!

thx for the link love, saw Sandy's cookies and totally want to try those too!

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