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Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Micaela and i blog over at dolce vita (thank you for having me!). Since this is a guest post based on mixing it up, i have to say that every time someone asks me “what i am,” i always make them guess to see the different responses. Few guess right because i am a mix so it’s fun on my part ha. I call myself a “mexipina”… my Dad is from Mexico City and my Momma, from the Philippines. Besides being a blogging Mexipina, i’m a vegetarian, dog mom of 3, newlywed, twin sister, and lover of all things vintage.

How did you meet your other half?

my husband is a meteorologist, a tv weatherman. We met when he took a job in my hometown of Wichita Falls, TX where i was (at the time) a TV reporter/weekend morning anchor. My momma taped nearly all my newscasts, including those where me and my husband co-anchored. I can’t wait to show our future babies when their parents were falling in love.

What is the funnest part about being in a Interethnic or Interracial Relationships? for my husband, he might say the food… he loves my Momma’s filipino dishes like lumpia, adobo, pancit.

Unfortunately, I don’t speak tagalog fluently, but I do use some tagalog words/phrases with my sisters. We’ve used them since childhood, so I’d forget when I’d say these words to Max (my now husband, then boyfriend) he had no idea what I was talking about. I’d explain them and now, i giggle when he uses them or gets what i’m saying. it’s like our secret words.

Have there been any challenges?
honestly, not really. If i have to say one thing, it’s how family oriented i am. When we got engaged, I moved with him when he took a job in VA. It was the first time I had been away from my family and I was so homesick!

I come from a big family (6 children) where we are all so close and if you get us in a room, we’re usually eating and talking all at once. My husband used to say he loved just sitting there and watching us interact because his family is much smaller (just him and an older sister) and were less animated than us. Sometimes i have to remind him to call his parents — i talk to mine almost every day that it seems weird he can go a week and a half without a phone call to them.

Anything you mix up?

in my family’s house, there’s always rice in the rice cooker (the real deal, not those ones you buy at walmart, but that you’d buy at authentic asian stores). To my family, rice goes with everything, even on Thanksgiving. It’s a staple you can believe i’ve kept in our house (my momma’s first gift to me when I moved out was a nice rice cooker). Soy sauce? a condiment always handy like mustard.

Whats your favorite part about mixing it up?

hopefully our future babies. i’ve always thought mixed babies (like your babies kellie!) make such pretty babies… our children will def. be my favorite part about mixing it up!

Any tips for making things work?

embrace your differences! be proud of your culture, and share it with your partner.

Anything else you want to share?

my parents met when my father was in the air force and stationed in the Philippines. They were in their early 20’s and she shares the story of when–after they were engaged– she went back with my father to his family’s house in California. My father’s family lived off tortillas and your typical mexican dishes. My Granddaddy saw how homesick she was and how she wasn’t eating such “foreign to her” food that he came up with a genius idea! he rounded everyone up and took my Momma to a chinese buffet and he still remembers the way she lit up, being a little reminded of home. I smile at his sweet effort and laugh every time my family tells that story.

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4 comments - join the party!

awww THANK YOU for having me!!! 🙂 such a fun series to be a part of and i can't wait to read everyone elses'!


by Micaela on June 8, 2011 at 2:55 am. Reply #

kellie! i am loving this feature, i am just catching up on everyone elses.

micaela- my first gift from my mama was a rice cooker too. i make her bring big bags of rice when she comes to see me because i live in the middle of nowhere and there are no filipino stores to speak of. we do, however have kareoke! haha 🙂

by kim rakes on June 8, 2011 at 3:21 am. Reply #

Great first picture! Enjoyed reading this.

by Becky on June 8, 2011 at 2:52 pm. Reply #

You will have some beautiful babies. Great to meet you!

by jen@odbt on June 8, 2011 at 6:18 pm. Reply #