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I am seriously a week behind on my crowns….I tried to catch up, however I was met with many deadlines. So here is number 4, see 3, 2 and 1.
I do like my new crown, but halfway through, I created a whole new design (in my head) , that I will hopefully be able to get out one day.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

I was very, very busy, with the deadline of a wedding invitation, a set 75 4th birthday magnets, 75 baptism magnets + matching thank you stickers, along with 10 cute little pink cupcake aprons for my niece’s party. Her mom got quite sick, so I stepped in to help. All which I will post at a later time.

The other things I was busy with were swaps. I DO love to swap. So much fun.

A Ruby doll Swap

An apron swap.

My swapper lives in Berlin, so it had a far way to go. I decided to make a purple one, I call it “follow the white rabbit”. My swapper likes purple, and I don’t recall seeing a dark purple apron, most aprons are cheerful and floral or bright, so I went with dark and fairytale-ish. Guess its all my crowns effecting me.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a great photo of the apron , I am lucky with my little ones today, that I managed to get a photo at all.

And finally a bug doll swap.

I have to say those is the easiest doll I have sewn to date. It was so fun and soooo cute. Should Rebecca decide to sale her patterns, I would highly recommend it. make a bug party, hand these out as giveaways. Good for boys and girls.


one comment - get your say in!

i loveee the felt crown! too cuteee 🙂
and such super lovely apron + doll 😀

by Lyn on August 8, 2009 at 12:16 pm. Reply #