School Days

September 17, 2012 | Commentbe the first to comment, you know you want to! |

The back to school feast… we did the eat off the table thing last year, the kids loved it and asked for it again.

The first year I didn’t cry when he went back to school. His morning tag-along insisted on being in the photo, bed head and all.


We gave these out to friends on the playground. When Biggest goes back to school is always a little stunned the first day.  He is happy but very quite and reserved on the first day back, so I thought handing these out would warm him back. I had sen the idea on Pinterest, and we attached a note that said “School is for Smarties, welcome back”.

I didn’t escape tears though….the night before, I gave a little cry that my other big baby is in Preschool. He was more than ready, but I wasn’t.

Tag-long had to be in a photo as well. Guess this is little brothers role, so glad I have this cutie pie for a few more years.

Happy Back to school. Saw some leaves falling, felt the cool breeze, fall is just around the corner.