sewing sister

January 17, 2009 | Commentbe the first to comment, you know you want to! |

My sister in law has asked me to giver her sewing lessons. Ekkkkkkk. I am an Instructor in many things but sewing, that will be a first. I tired to warn her, I’m an artist and free styler. I can be one of those people who run before they walk type.

I admit, I am excited. I am excited to have someone to share my love of sewing with. I also had great teachers, my mom, and I also Cindy from Haute Kootoor. My mom was the biggest influence. She can sew her heart out, and her mother was also a great seamstress. As a little girl, I would sit at my moms feet, and she would let me collect the scraps to sew my barbies cothes. I can still see her there, showing me how to thread a needle. I did mainly hand sewing until I was old enough to sew my first stuffies. I made a big Smurfette and a big Strawberry Shortcake from those cut it and stuff it type kits.

My mom was here in Oct for the birth of my newest little one. She hadn’t sewn in a while so I bought her all the making for a quilt from this sweet little quilting store nearby. I also introduced her to my doll.

My sister-in-law, she hasn’t met my doll yet. See, only a chosen few people know what I have had in the works. Its been exciting to be working, sometimes slaving away at a secrete project.
In time I will unveil her to my family and friends. For now she remains my little secret labour of love.

p.s. I will be taking some pictures of my sister in law sewing, you see I have none of mother when she was younger, so I want to capture the moment for my nieces (her two small daughters) who may be sewing one day as well.