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DIY waterless snowglobe for kids

by Kellie on December 17, 2012

We are makers, and so we needed some holiday fun. I love snowglobes, bell jars and so forth and I wanted to make some with my littles. I also wanted to include things they love, and what do my boys (…)

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New and fun

by Kellie on November 2, 2012

I started making these faces in the summer and finally finished them up. It was fun to see them come together. I have always liked to experiment with the eyes, but usually default way back to my original eye design. (…)

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Summer Fun

by Kellie on June 13, 2012

  This summer you can find me at the PNE as part of the Maker Fair     I also had the pleasure of being contacted by the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival¬† here in Vancouver. You can find (…)

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