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It’s been a while since I have spent time in this space. Summer flew by, and it was fun and full. I spent more time on reading and making clothes than I did making dolls. We ate lots of summer fruits and veggies and just enjoyed the summer.

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Had some firsts, a tooth fairy visit and a first time down the big slide alone.



Took an exciting adventure.

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My life is in a very transitional stage right now, many changes with many possible changes just around the corner. I get emails all the time to see if I am still making dolls, I am. I am taking things really slowly as all the changes around me start to come together. I won’t be at any Christmas Markets this season, which will be a nice break. I do love to participating in markets but it makes for a a very busy holiday. This season, I will be taking it slow and I have so many project that need catching up on.

Hope you had a wonderful summer and Fall…is just around the corner……and that is pretty exciting!!!