We heart reading

January 20, 2011 | Commentbe the first to comment, you know you want to! |

I will never forget the day my son came home and read a book to me from front to back. I think it helps that we have always read, we love reading. I love books, I love children’s books, I am addicted to beautifully illustrated children’s books. There are so many to share, so many we would like to have as well. On Wednesdays I am going to start sharing books we love, for reading, for art and for inspiring.

First up, a classic that happens to be fun to read


This book is great because it’s fun, it involves rhyming, and mischievous letters. The great part is that it encourages letter recognition.
My two year old loves this book and my oldest did too and still likes to sing along when we read.

Make it even more fun, after reading, let your little ones paint a coconut tree, and either cut out letters from construction paper or buy pre cut letters (you can buy foam ones at a dollar store) and allow your child to glue the letters on the tree. As they choose , you ask what letter they are choosing, this helps with letter recognition in a fun way.